We're All Mad Here

Craig Romez|17|Humble|Claustrophobic|FC: Prodigy

When Craig was young, he was a witness of murder and suicide. He was on his way to visit a friend, who had lived in an apartment building. In the same elevator there were 3 other people, about 5 floors up the elevator shut down. One of the three other people murdered the two others then killed them self, all right in front of Craig. Then being stuck in the elevator for 2 more hours, only to have three dead people beside him. Ever since then he has been extremely claustrophobic, he will walk up 20 flights of stairs to avoid using the elevator.

Connections: Graham,Jacob,&Kiyan~Best friends

Secret: “I’m in love with my best friend, Jacob, but no one knows and I want it to stay that way.”

Why you’re here: “My parents couldn’t handle my ‘Bullshit’ anymore, so they sent me here”.