We're All Mad Here

This Roleplay has turned out to be a complete failure.

With that, sadly, this roleplay with be shutting down permanently. So We would appreciate it if you all would delete your blogs. There’s no point in keeping them.

Admin A, Admin K and I would all like to thank each and everyone of you for joining this roleplay for the short time it has been opened. I’m a steady roleplayer and I know it’s not anything little to be making blogs and editing them and doing all the roleplay hassle when joining a roleplay so thank you. We wish you all the best of luck in roleplaying.

~Admin N 

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This nigga’s Bio ;-;
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Graham please?

Make the blog. 
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Oddly looks identical to Tyler Grey

Can I be Natalia?

Yep, make the blog then come back.
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Tyler Grey|18|Secretive|Depression|FC: readmyshiet

Tyler is a very trust-worthy person, he’s the one you can go to with anything. Just don’t expect him to trust you right away, or at all really. He’s never trusted anyone with anyone except his bestfriend Clinton, and his younger sister, Kianna. Ever since his sister disappeared he’s suffered from depression. It’s only been for about 2 months, but his sister was the one of two people he was ever close with.But his secret keeping isn’t always a good thing, he could lie to your face with a smile and you wouldn’t ever expect he was lying. But what he doesn’t know is that once he gets to Sunnybrooks, he’s going to see someone he’ll be surprised to see, Kianna,

Connections: Kianna~ Younger sister, Clinton~Best Friend

Secret: ” I have a lot…” 

Why you’re here?: ” Not to get help…”

You should make a Kim HyunA fc

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your bios are barely realistic...

Which bios exactly ?
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Liyah Allens|17|Fun|Hysteria|FC:abcdeeznuts

Liyah went through many tragic events as a child, you could say she had one of the worst childhood, ever. To start of her mother was a drug addict, at the age of 2 Liyah’s mother sold her to a “pimp” and the guy who supplied her with drugs. To young to understand, she thought the main hoe and the pimp was her mother and step father. He abused her in every way possible, from verbal, to physical, to sexual abuse he did it all.At the age of 6 she found her real father and he had tried to take Liyah back, but failed. When the pimp found out, he went out and killed Liyah’s father, right in front of her. Before coming to Sunnybrooks, Liyah lived with her Aunt, who secretly keeps in touch with the man who still comes around to beat and/ or rape Liyah, her “Step father”. But you could never tell any of this ever happened to Liyah, on the outside she looks like one of the happiest girls alive. She’s outgoing and loves to just fuck shit up. She catches pretty much every guy’s attention but she doesn’t give him what he wants.”I’m just about done with dick, after my childhood you could see why. I’m not completely les but I’m hardly Bi either”.

Connections:Kianna~ Best Friend

Secret: “I’ve had a threesome with Kianna and her older brother’s friend, Clinton”.

Why you’re here: “To get away from my step father”.